Polaris: The Attributes and Interactions

This article will go over the typical stages of a romantic interaction. It will also look at 8 attributes that are key to creating fun, engaging interactions that generate attraction with women.

Note: After reading this, you will know how to properly input your interactions into the to accurately generate a profile and keep track of your progress.


From the first approach to closing, a typical interaction goes through the following stages and events:


Almost every interaction starts with an approach. Any interaction that you start with a girl or a group of girls counts as one approach. You should always view each approach as a small success regardless of the outcome.


Bantering is the stage of an interaction where you tease, joke around, role-play and generate interest in the girl by flirting. Usually no real information is exchanged as things are kept light and fun, generating attraction. It is possible to skip the banter and go directly into the rapport phase or move back and forth between one and the other.


At some point the woman and you will want to get to know each other. This is the rapport phase which, like bantering, can also sometimes be skipped. Skipping it can reduce the likelihood that a she feels comfortable getting physical later on as she might “not really know you”.

Light Physical

It is important to be a little physical during an interaction to show intent and move things forward. Light physical refers to any light touching such giving friendly taps, touching her lower back, putting an arm around her or holding hands. Use your judgement as a simple tap on the shoulder or a handshake should not count as “light physical” but repeated touches can.

Heavy Physical

Heavy physical refers to any advanced form of physical contact such as kissing, grinding or above excluding sex.


Getting any contact information from a woman, from a phone number to a Facebook friend request, counts as a number. Giving out your number without getting hers is useless, always push to get hers!


A date is you and a woman arranging a meet up. Second and third dates don’t count again. You can get really interesting information from the app by keeping track of your first dates, such as how many numbers you can convert into dates, or your success rate in closing dates.


Closing refers to sleeping with a woman for the first time. If you are uncomfortable keeping track of the first time you sleep with girls, don’t record your closes, but it can be a good indicator of your progress as you can see statistically your closing percentage among other things,

To analyse our game and get accurate success rates, we simply need to keep track of our daily interactions, specifically how many times we went through each stage. This can easily be done in the app in one shot or throughout the day after each interaction.

Inputting your interactions

Let's say that you approach one girl, banter with her a little bit then get her number. Then you approach another girl and she rejects you right away. Then you approach a third girl, banter, rapport and you leave with her number. Then you go on a date from an approach from last week. To get all your experience logged into the app, you can input 3 approaches, 2 banters, 1 rapport, 2 numbers and 1 date and hit submit to get all your experience points. These will automatically reward you with experience points in your attributes and work to accurately generate your profile.


Below is a small description of what each attribute in the app means. These were selected to encompass as much as possible the characteristics that come into play when interacting with women in a romantic manner. Note that the greatest tool to analyse your game will be your success rates. The attributes are a complementary analysis tool and serve mainly to add structure to the learning aspect and keep things interesting.


This attribute measures our willingness to approach and it is the simplest attribute on the list but one of the most important ones. Often the hardest part of an interaction is the approach because without it nothing else happens. Our willingness to approach can be improved through repetition and thus every approach, good or bad, is a success. A good mindset, or strong inner game, will also help increase our willingness to approach.


When asking for advice on how to talk to girls, everyone has been told to “just be confident”, but what does this really mean? Confidence is a reflection of our inner game as it naturally manifests itself in our actions, speech and body language. Improving our inner game and simply getting more experience are two of many ways of increasing our confidence.


This attribute measures our ability to have fun and be engaging. Using wit and banter are great ways to make interactions memorable. In addition, it is much easier to get people engaged by playing around and keeping things light before transitioning to a more serious interaction if we so desire.


This is our ability to connect with people. We usually accomplish this by getting to know each other through a more serious conversation and rapport is important to build relationships and trust.


This will measure how well we are able to generate attraction with girls, whether through conversation, touch and kissing. Expressing our sexuality is essential to avoid becoming “just friends”.


Leading is attractive. Asking for a number, a date or going in for the kiss are examples of leading and move things forward while taking decisions or moving a group to another location showgirls who is in charge, allowing them to sit back and enjoy.


This refers to our ability to adjust our “energy” to the situation. When going to a bar/club, things like dancing, joking around with your friends and having fun are good ways to build a good kind of energy/vibe/mood. It is important to match our energy levels to the situation, such as a more calm but positive energy in a coffee shop or with a more introverted girl. If you have a good energy, people will want to be around you.


This attribute is a compilation of more advanced skills that make interactions go smoother. Examples are being able to adjust our approach on the fly or always figuring out logistics. In the app, this attribute will gain experience points mainly through completing challenges due to its complexity.

There you go, this is the theory behind the app. Remember, the best way to learn is through action and repetition so get out there and go get some experience!

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